Customer commitment

Towards a sustainable partnership

TMM considers its clients as long-term strategic partners: A relationship based on trust and respect for commitments.

Over the years, the company has developed a modern structure and a multilingual customer relationship and management in order to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of markets.

The excellence, the quality and the respect of deadlines are the key words towards the leadership of TMM aiming at being more competitive.

TMM adopts an innovative commercial and marketing approach adapted to the wide variety of customer needs, focusing on:

  • Competitive products of a high quality.
  • The respect of its production standards.
  • The commitment towards the customers and the respect of deadlines.
  • A variety of products focused on fashion and market needs.
  • An excellent customer service both fast and reliable.


A proactive environmental policy

TMM is well aware of the environmental risks caused by the leather industry. For this reason, this is how a water treatment plant was built in its industrial complex. Frequent analysis are done by sampling to ensure the quality of treated water.

Both biological and chemical process treatment have been operational for years ensuring sewage treatment.

TMM is the first tannery in the region to invest in a modern sewage treatment.

Reach Commitment

The environment, a priority

Taking into account the new European chemicals regulation (REACH), which became effective on the 1st of June 2007, we would like to inform our customers and partners that we have taken into account our role as an item provider, as well as the relevant requirements.

Thus, we recognize our role in the upward and downward communication of the supply chain.

In this context, TMM (Tanneries Mégisseries du Maghreb) has set up a communication plan, and cooperates extensively with all its suppliers of chemicals, in order to ensure that they are in compliance with European REACH regulations.

We also confirm that none of the substances said “very worrying” currently on the candidate list published by the European Agency Annex IV are used in the leather we manufacture.

We follow the updates of the said list on a regular way and we will inform our partners of any useful evolution related to this list.