An artisanal process

In the service of an industrial production

Both integrated factories, Tannerie and Mégisserie of the TMM use the most sophisticated equipment, allowing them to have a production capacity of nearly three million square feet per month.

The production process is entirely performed at the TMM from the sourcing of raw skins to processing and finishing.

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The raw hide, carefully selected for its qualities, is prepared for tanning.

The Tanning is the operation intended to transform the leather skin with a solution of tanning agents to make it rot-proof. The Chromium, semi-vegetal and free chrome are used on the different leather products according to the needs and requirements of the customers. The type of tannins used (chromium salts or vegetable tannins) characterizes the leather obtained.

Mechanical operations to prepare the skins for the final stages of finishing.

This final step consists of a multitude of operations on the flower side of the leather to give it all the characteristics defined by the customers in their specifications. These operations can be visible as shine or dullness, two-tone or full tone, or palpable as soft or firm hand, or touch wax, fat or candle.