A modern laboratory listening to the market

TMM keeps abreast of international fashion trends in terms of leather quality and finishing. As a result, we can offer you a wide variety of leathers that meet the most stringent requirements. Our modern laboratory ensures a precise control of all quality indicators.


A professional team at innovation’s disposal

A team of experts recruited with quality to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, global market needs and the requirements of our prestigious clients to innovate on a daily basis.  


TMM has  committed itself, for many years, to a strategy that emphasizes its firm belief in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

In partnership with our European suppliers of chemical substances, we are opting, during research and development, for an environmentally friendly production process aiming to reduce our impact on the environment.

Today, we are proud to be amongst the first tanneries to have successfully developed a line of distinctive products such as "Chrome Free" and "Metal Free" leathers on an industrial scale.

Continuous improvement

Constantly striving for continuous improvement, we have worked on major projects

  •  2000 to 2016 : ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.
  •  2017 : Traceability certification of raw materials (bovine and ovine hides and chemical products) by Italian organism ICEC.
  •  2017 : AQC Certification (Association pour l’Assurance Qualité des Fabricants de Bracelets Cuir) (www.aqc-asso.ch).
  •  2018 : HRP and Positive Environment Audit performed by our customer DECATHLON.
  •  2019 : Certification as a member of the LWG (Leather Working Group) 
  •  2019 : SA800 certification (ongoing supervision by a specialized agency)



Reflected in our continuous improvement initiatives on a daily basis, innovation is the fundamental value of our corporate culture.


Proactively attentive to market trends, we ensure a continuous monitoring in order to provide you with a quality beyond your expectations.

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